Tales, anecdotes and ‘marginalia’ from Irish literature

A two–day conference organised by the Department of Irish and Celtic Languages

May 16th–17th , 2019, in the Trinity Long Room Hub

Trinity College Dublin


Day 1: Thursday May 16th

9.30 –9.40 Opening address by Prof. Damian McManus

9.45–10.10 Dr Eoghan Ó Raghallaigh: ‘The border wall of bones: a bardic prophecy’

10.10–10.35 Dr Christina Cleary: ‘Wrathful wives in medieval Irish literature’

10.35–11.00 Deirdre Nic Chárthaigh: ‘An bodach agus bean an bharúin; eachtra imeallach’


11.00–11.45 Coffee break


11.45–12.00 Marginalia Medley (1) Verses

12.00–12.45 Prof. Liam Breatnach: ‘Marginalia in TCD MS H 3. 17’


12.45–2.30 Lunch break


2.30–3.00 Dr Mícheál Hoyne: ‘Merchants and monkeys in medieval Ireland’

3.00–3.25 Dr Katharine Simms: ‘The exception of the cat in the larder: adultery justified – the dindshenchas of Inis Saimér’

3.25–3.55 Prof. Cathal Ó Háinle ‘A lost story from the banks of the Shannon’

3.55–4.10 Marginalia Medley (2) Scribal notes


4.30 Wine reception


Day 2: Friday May 17th

9.00 –9.30 Prof. Damian McManus: “Body and soul: tales from ‘this’ and the ‘other’ side in medieval Irish literature”

9.30–10.00 Dr Andrea Palandri: “Salamanders or Asbestos? The ‘horizon of expectation’ in the Irish Marco Polo”

10.00–10.30 Peter Weakliam: ‘An scéal laistigh de na scéalta: scéal na teicneolaíochta i bhficsean Phádraig Uí Chíobháin’

10.30–11.00 Marginalia Medley (3) Verses


11.00–11.45 Coffee break


11.45–12.15 Dr Eoin Mac Cárthaigh: ‘An scéal laistiar de nóta imill in Stonyhurst A II 20 (imleabhar 1)’

12.15–12.40 Dr Nike Stam: ‘Céile Críst’s adventure in Rome’

12.40–1.00 Ariana Malthaner: ‘The intersection of literature and law: the saga of Fergus mac Léti’


1.00–2.15 Lunch break


2.15–2.40 Philip Mac a’ Ghoill: ‘Coimirce, marú agus bagairt aoire: Díbirt Chú Choigcríche Uí Chléirigh, 1546’

2.40–3.10 Dr Chantal Kobel: ‘Peripheral voices: scribal marginalia in TCD MS H 3.18 (1337)’

3.10–3.25  Anecdotes Medley


3.45–4.30 Prof. Joseph Falaky Nagy: ‘Stories Cú Chulainn tells in Tochmarc Emire’.